Monday, October 3, 2011

Buckingham Palace.

After a lot of  sweet talking and a miracle we 
were able to get tickets in for 
the last week it was opened to the public.
 Walking through the doors I was in a state of unbelief 
that I was walking the same halls the Queen has 
walked countless times before.
The State Rooms are the area of Buckingham that are opened to the public each one having a different theme;
 white, blue, red, green.
They are so eloquent from the floor to 
the ceiling all covered in beautiful decor.
I wish I could have taken pictures!
[please note the little girl in the top left, 
she'll never live that one down]
This is one of the Royal Wedding official photographs they had on display in the room they took the pictures in.
It was so weird to think they were in the very room I stood in only a few months earlier. 
The Royal Wedding Dress was on display and there was a video playing describing the process it took to make it. 
Absolutely gorgeous, they took six different kinds of lace to make one of a kind pattern just for her.
The Wedding Cake was the most beautiful cake I've ever seen! 
There was so much detail of tiny hand made flowers and patterns, eight layers, it was huge! 
Loved it, stared at it for at least 10 minutes.

Still to this day I can't believe I'm in London and I'm able to walk the walls of Buckingham Palace one day and the next see amazing works by Michelangelo.
I love my life!

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