Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Southern Tour: Day 2

Glastonbury Abbey
On tour there is no point in even trying to look cute because you're on and off the bus going to museums and hiking and then lots of other random sites. So no point. 
Each day the outfits get even better.
Normally when you go on guided tours you tend to pick up a few things of what they said and come out of it knowing some new information of place you are visiting.
Not the case here.
Bless his heart. I'm sure he was trying but it wasn't working.
At one point none of us even knew what he was saying and Becca was mimicking him in the background, we were dying trying not to laugh.
The grounds were really pretty. 
I can only imagine how amazing it would have been back when the Abbey was still in full swing.
[I sound like my mother]
I can't even comprehend how it would have been 
to actually have to cook like this.
So glad I was born when I was.
Boscastle & Tintagel
We split up into two groups.
One half of us started in Boscastle and the other in Tintagel
and we started our five mile hike along the coast.
It was unbelievably gorgeous.
To my right the water was bright turquoise/blue 
and smashing against the cliffs
and to my left were the bright green pastures 
full of cows and sheep.
It felt like I was in a dream.
As beautiful as it was. It was a long way to go
up and down up and down a million times.
but so worth it in the end.
Good old John
Quite the character 
definitely the most interesting teacher I've ever had.
Hostel in Tintagel
This hostel was a little cottage on the cliff, it wasn't very big at all so we were able to all come together
in the kitchen area and made dinner like one big family.
It was the perfect ending to a long exhausting day.

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