Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Kings College
Who knew that Cambridge was made up of a bunch of different colleges? I didn't. 
Learn something knew everyday!

The Cam River runs right through the middle of Kings College.
Punting is the cool thing to do here.
You sit in the cute boat and they guide you down the river with a long pole and push it off the rocks at the bottom.
It was absolutely gorgeous down on the river with really good views. Here are my favorites:
Meet David he was our super cute tour guide. 
Actually he was on the other boat but he liked us better.
Kings College Chapel
I have a new obsession with architecture.
Being surrounded by so many amazing buildings all the time it's kind of hard not to be.
Rule #1 at Cambridge do NOT walk on the grass
only exception is if your professor starts walking on it while you're talking to them.
I couldn't resist! Oops.
The little town was so cute and the buildings of course caught my attention. Every where we go I find myself saying I want to live here. I don't know how long I'm going to last back in Provo after all my adventures are all over...
[Ari, Megan, Stephanie, Alyssa, Fran]

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