Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hampton Court Palace.

King Henry VIII
Not a fan of him.

This is the back of the Palace. 
It has a different look to it than the front [below] because it was damaged in a fire.
Weird to think King Henry VIII lived here and I get to walk the halls and see where he slept,worked, and ate his meals.
Is this real life? Because it never gets old. 
Every time we go to a new palace or castle it always surprises me the way it looks and old everything really is. It's weird to think that back then this was the finest place you could possibly live when really its just a big brick building.
These are my new friends. 
It's the most action I've had in months.
Loved these guys.

Hampton Court Palace wanted us to feel welcome during our visit so we were all given cloaks to make us feel more at home.
We took FULL advantage of them.
Harry Potter Nerds.
Once we had our Audio Guides we were ready to go.
My favorite thing about all the places we go are the beautiful murals that cover all the ceilings.
The Gardens
When ever we go on outings we our given complete freedom to do whatever we want. We all come as a huge group and they let us go as we please. It's so nice to not be on a time table of when and where to be and to have someone watching you.  
As we explore the Palace and walk the gardens most of the time we run into our professors once and awhile. Today we found out what John really does while we're off learning.

During our tour of the kitchen we stumbled upon these brooms...
Quidditch Roster
Fran, Maggie, Alyssa
Stephanie, Arianna, Megan
Blonde Team
Brunette Team 
No matter where we go we always seem to find away to make anything we do into so much fun. We have such a fun group that's always up for a new exciting adventures. I'm so glad I was able to have met these girls to tour around London with. I love them all.

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