Friday, September 30, 2011

Abduction Premiere.

Oh heyyy Taylor.
Dinner is a pretty big event here at Fat Camp aka The Centre.
But we didn't even think twice about skipping it. 
We had other needs to be fed...
Taylor Lautner
We got there early to get prime look out 
spots with the best views.
But of course it being London it started 
to Down Pour right before it started.
The red carpet was flooding because they were 
really smart and put it over the drains. 
So unorganized, but so funny to watch them 
scramble all over trying to fix the problems.
Birds eye ended up being the winner
Once all the umbrellas went up there was no way you could see anything being down on the main level.
 Not sure who this odd looking man is but the little 
english girls went Nuts when he showed up. 
He must hold some sort of importance... not sure how though.
Lily Collins
Didn't know it was possible. 
But no joke he is even more attractive in person.
 Seriously raped him with my camera. Not even mad.
He was so cute with all the girls, he signed so many autographs and would take their cameras and take pictures with them. 
Crowd pleaser for sure. 
Even though by the end of the night we 
were all extremely drenched... 
I would totally stand in the rain any day to get a glimpse of him!
Our new hobby is definitely premiere crashing.

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