Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Southern Tour: Day 1

Frist Stop... Bath, England
Holborne Museum 
 Bath Abbey
Blondes and Brunetts
We tend to segregate without meaning too.
Weird, we know.
The Roman Baths
 The Roman Baths were really fun to see.
The remains were built over and around to create a museum of the history of the baths. They had lots of old artifacts that they had fished out from over the years.
 Funny story.
 In our attempt to take all our touristy pictures. 
Alyssa bumped her audio guide in the bath.
hahaha we just walked away.
Next we made our way to the Fashion Museum.
On display were Wedding dresses from the last hundred years
The differences in styles were so different from year to year
Some really pretty, most really ugly.
The Royal Crescent 
After having a group meeting at the Crescent we were 
left to fend for ourselves the rest of the night.
We went to dinner and Slug & Lettuce for 1/2 off Mondays.
Best thing ever. 
Bath was a ghost town at night.
Everything closes at like 7 or 8 [so annoying] 
we were so lucky to find this cute little Hot Chocolate shop.
After hot chocolate the night was still young so we wandered the streets with the goal of eventually ending back at our hostel.
In our surprise we stubbled upon flashing lights and loud music
Rollar Skating in Bath.
Who can say they've done that?
Me and Stephanie had a little incident
It ended very gracefully.
K let me just say I've never seen so many hard 
core roller skaters before...
BUT don't worry I totally won the sharks and minos contest.
Last one standing! So proud.
Another day done and gone and
even happier than the last one.

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