Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Day trip with my lovely cousin Emma.
K first off when Emma said we were going to Brighton for the day I had no idea where we were going. Someone earlier had mentioned that it was on the coast but I didn't think much of it.
Then I walked down to this!
Best surprise ever, it was a gorgeous!
 The weather couldn't have been more perfect.
We thought we'd grab a quick lunch before we went down to the pier. But we were both craving mexican and that is never easy to find. To our surprise we found this nice pub and they had nachos!
Never tasted so good.
Sometimes you really can't trust other people to take a good picture of you.
Who holds the camera side ways tilted?
Probably the most sketchy roller coaster I've ever been on. 
It was so bad. 
Emma was hilarious she was screaming the whole time
 eyes squeezed shut.

Brighton was such a nice get away from the city for the day.
I had no idea there was actual beaches here.
Round two! 
Sometimes you really just have to keep asking until you get someone who is smart enough to use a camera. 
This one the only picture Emma would let me take with her. haha
Rocks instead of sand?
Still not sure how I feel about it.
We sat on the beach for a while until it was time to leave.
The sun was setting and all the "dodgy" people, as Emma would say, started to emerge.
It was the best people watching I've ever seen.
We were dying laughing at all the people after they'd had a few drinks started stripping their clothes to go for a swim. Let me just add that it was not warm anymore. It had to have been freezing. But it was a great show!
It was a perfect day to spend with my cousin I never see.
She is such a sweetheart it was so good to catch up and spend the day together.

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