Monday, October 24, 2011

Southern Tour: Day 3

Tintagel Castle
Merlin's Cave
The beach below the castle was gorgeous and it went back into that little cave.
[Jessica, Ali, Sarah, Laurel, Carolyn, Lauren, Me, Maggie, Ari, Alyssa, Fran, Steph, Allison, Megan]
Tintagel Castle is said to be the birth place of King Author. 
Boy band album cover?
After the castle or what was left of the castle we walked  back into town to get lunch before we headed out again. John & Peter said that we had to try pasties here because they were the best.
Pengenna Pasties
I got the steak pastie which was soooo good! 
And huge I was full for hours.
Fanta is 10 billion times better over here.
Lanyon Quoit
We pulled up and lets just say we were pretty confused in the back of the bus why we had arrived at a 'mini stonehenge'. Still not sure exactly what the purpose of this huge stone table is. 
Group picture! [except john]
John didn't think we were happy enough for the first one so he proceeded to take another one and yelled out "sex" to get us to all laugh. Like I said before most interesting teacher ever.
Before we left Fran made up her own ritual and ran around and in between the legs a few times and then we called it good and got back on the bus. I love her. 
Mel an Tol
Learned something at this one.
In the olden days people would climb through the circle 9 times and they thought it would bring them good health.
Not sure how that made sense to them but if it worked then that's great.
I'm totally safe now. Good health for life!
Oh heyyyy I'm 20.
Lands End
Our last stop of the day was Lands End. But of course we got dropped off 2 miles away so we could walk there.
We started our walk in this beautiful little beach town.
Rain boots and sand is a perfect combination.
Love me some Alyssa.
It was another beautiful walk along the cliffs of the ocean. 
The fog was coming in thick and it was nothing like I've ever experienced before. Waves crashing on the rocks beneath me and making my way along the path only able to see whats within twenty feet in front of me.
Lands End is the closest point to the U.S.
So close but so far away.
In the summer Lands End is quite the happening place but when we walked through it was a complete ghost town. 
I felt like I was in a Scooby Doo episode fog and all. 
Even creepy little miniature towns.
Such a great day full of amazing views and awesome friends.
I love my girls!

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