Monday, October 24, 2011

Southern Tour: Day 5

Stourhead Gardens
Stourhead was created by Henry Hoare II. He was inspired by paintings of Italian landscapes and wanted to bring it to life. He damned up the stream to create a beautiful lake in the center.
It honestly was just like walking into a painting. Everything was immaculate in every way. No matter where you look you were surrounded in beauty in so many different forms.
Temple of Apollo
This is the scene in the newer Pride & Prejudice where Mr. Darcy proposes to Elizabeth in the pouring rain.
The view from the Temple.
This is our main group of girls that we do everything with. 
[except Lauren]
I wish I could capture the gorgeous scenery I was surrounded by to its full glory. But here is my attempt:
There were the cutest old little couples walking around. 
One day I will come back with my future husband.
I never wanted to leave the gardens.
[I'm turning into my mother.]
Now I can say I've been to Stonehenge.
It was a gorgeous day. 
The sky was picture perfect baby blue, as you can see, and the sun was warm on my skin.
Perfect day to be a tourist and get good pictures.
There is nothing else to say about it...
Except that it's a bunch of stones in the middle of a field with a big free way [pictured above] to its right and a pasture of cows to its left. 
Loved every minute of it!
Jane Austen's House
Another dead authors house. 
BUT at least I knew who this one was! :)
I was actually happy we went there because I was able to purchase my very own copy of Pride & Prejudice and it's from her house. Couldn't be cooler. 
Plus since I've pretty much been on a Pride & Prejudice tour of england lately it only felt right to buy this book.
Heading Home!
After a long week of Abbey's, museums, baths, cathedrals, hikes, and hostels.
We were very happy to get back on the bus one last time and
 go home to London.
London will forever be my second home.

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