Monday, October 24, 2011

Southern Tour: Day 4

St. Michael's Mount
St. Michael's Mount is a little island off the shore of Penzance. 
To get there you have to wait until the tide goes down
Then a secret pathway that is hidden under the water appears and you can walk straight across.
The Castle at the top of the island.
It was a beautiful clear morning when we arrived so we were able to get a good view of the island. Then fog came in again. It was so thick you couldn't even see back to shore.
No matter where we go we make it a point to get a great
jumping picture.
Ahhhh! Another tour another castle its all blurring together!
Pretty sure that's what I was thinking at that moment.
This is the sail boat I drew for my sketch book that day.
St. Michael's Mount was very beautiful it made me want to move to a little beach town and live on a small island away from the busy life of the city. It was so peaceful you couldn't help but to fall in love with it.
Salisbury Cathedral
We arrived to Salisbury after it was dark but we were still supposed to make our way down to the Cathedral so we could get a glimpses of it.
After dinner we wandered the streets trying to find it. 
Unlike Bath which felt totally safe walking around at night. Salisbury was creepy & sketchy to the max.
Then to walk up to this monstrous gothic cathedral in the dark we were all on our toes.
Didn't help that there were life size human statues placed all over the grounds for a show.
We started to make our way closer to the building and then weird people were walking around and then out of no where the organ starts playing from inside the creepiest music.
We were gone. Sprinting away screaming and we didn't look back. 
It was a beautiful Cathedral though.
 I'm sure I would have liked it lots more in the day. 
I hate being scared. But it's a funny story to look back on now.

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