Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Canterbury & London Temple Trip

On the bus one last time...
Canterbury Cathedral
As you can tell the Cathedral was absolutely gorgeous...
... but after 395839 in one semester... It was a love hate relationship. haha
We had the whole day to explore this cute little town so of course we found ourselves in Starbucks. Steamed milk with your choice of holiday flavor... Made doing homework all day that much better.
Blockbuster? In Canterbury? Who knew they were still around!
Last hostel EVER. They finally put us ten all together.
I can honestly say it was all of ours favorite night together. 
I love these girls with all my heart. I can't imagine not being with them 24/7.

The London Temple
This is the site where my Grandparents were sealed 
over 50 years ago together. 
So happy I was able to come to where our family started.
I honestly couldn't have thought of a more perfect ending to the semester than being in the temple with my London family. It was such an amazing experience all being together dressed in white singing hymns, the spirit was unbelievably strong. Also being baptized by one of your professors was definitely a new experience. Only at BYU.

The church is true!

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