Monday, November 14, 2011

Perfectly Perfect In Every Way. Day Three.

If i could chose one word to describe Versailles it would have to be UNBELIEVABLE.
[asian bun picture]
You walk up to the huge front gates and this massive palace is there to greet you then you walk inside and the entrance is grand and gorgeous. Then there is this chapel that is the first thing you see on your right as you come in.
After awhile though everything started to blur together with all the other places we've been like Hampton Court and Buckingham.
Thats when the pictures start to be taken to keep us entertained.
Yay for audio guides.
The Palace was gorgeous and it was cool to see but we were all anxious to get outside to explore the gardens. 
Seriously breath taking.
It was a picture perfect fall day. 
The leaves had all changed and it was chilly but warm with the sun shining bright.
We rented bikes for an hour so we could see 
as much of the gardens as possible.
It felt like we were in a movie, it was too perfect of a moment.
Marie Antoinette's Cottages
They were adorable. 
Versailles really was their own little world that they created.
Huge gardens, cottages, summer homes, and the main palace all in one place. 
You would never have to leave.
Arc De Triomphe
Craziest intersection round about thing I've ever seen!
I don't think I'd ever want to drive in Europe.
After a great pasta dinner at this little restaurant we found off the side streets we passed Haagen-Dazs.
best decision ever to go in
Caramel Cone Explosion. 
LOVED every bite.
Story time:
The metros are quite crazy compared to the tube. You have to be dead silent and be cautious of everyone around you. Plus they are PACKED so you have to pay attention of whats going on and what stop you are at, plus the whole everything in French thing makes in a little more difficult.
So as we were on our way over to the Pompidou museum to try to go to it before it closed for the night. The metro pulls up to one of the stops and our car is totally full and this crazy old french lady comes steam rolling from the back trying to get off and in the process pushes Stephanie, Fran, and Alyssa out of the way. So Steph is holding on to Fran, and Fran is trying to keep hold of Alyssa and Alyssa gets her leg shoved down the gap between the car and the platform. Bye bye shoe. Gone.

Alyssa was quite the sight. She looked like she had just gotten into a fight with her tights ripped and walking around Paris with one shoe.Hilarious.
There couldn't have been a more perfect funny ending to this great day.

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