Friday, November 18, 2011

When in Rome...

  1. Eat lots of pizza, pasta, and most importantly gelato. 
  2. Have lots of laughs with your best friends.
  3. Embrace the "Ciao Bella!"
Welcome to Rome!
First Meal... Pizza.
It was the perfect welcoming present. 
Oh yeah. See that creepy man in the back? 
Yeah he loved staring at me.
When we first arrived we had the name of our B&B 
but no clue how to get there.
So we bought this map.   
Which turned out to be the size of a blanket.
For some reason while we were looking at it we held it so low it was practically to our knees.
Don't worry we ended up asking for directions. haha
Spanish Steps
Trevi Fountain
Beautiful Rome
St. Peters
The Pantheon
The Mouth of Truth
Legend has it that if you put your hand in there and you're a liar you're hand will be chopped off.
The Vatican & Sistine Chapel 
NO pictures allowed in the chapel.
Never in my life have i loved gelato more than in Rome.
Unbelievably good. So good we did two a days.
This was were out cute little B&B. 
The owner Sergio was so nice. He took great care of us.

Rome was a dream come true.  Walking the streets I feel more and more in love. I could have stayed there for two more weeks. This is only the beginning of my Italy addiction. I will be back to explore the rest of this amazing country. The food, the people, the sites, how could you not fall in love? 
Oh! And did I mention I went to Rome for Four days, bought stuff and fit it it ALL in one backpack? Yeah. I was impressed too.
I was born to travel.

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