Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Stratford & Oxford.

Stratford aka Shakespeare city.
Stalk Shakespeare day.
First stop was Anne Hathaway's house
When we first heard we were going to Anne Hathaway's house we got all excited and then they added in that it was his wife. Excitement gone.
Then we walked through town to the church to see his grave.
I had to pay 50p to go in. May or may not have been worth it.
I still don't understand the whole concept of graves 
inside the church. It's weird. 
Best part was the dress up section. Fran is a drama nerd.  
We also went to Nash's house [his great grandson in law] which is where the site of Shakespeare's final house was. 
Now that was exciting. 
Birthplace.  This is his childhood home. It was actually really big.  Biggest dead persons house I've seen so far.
We ended the day going to see Measure for Measure.
It had a S&M theme so that was interesting but hilarious and half awkward. But it was really good, I enjoyed it!
We stayed in cute little B&Bs. 
So happy we didn't have to stay in another hostel.

Oxford, Christ Church College
They gave us the WHOLE day to explore the school, go to the museum, and see the very small town.
Harry Potter moment.
Christ Church is the site where they filmed the main stair scene in the first movie
The dinning hall for all the movies!
It was so cool! It really is a massive room.
 I can't even imagine going to school here and having dinner in there every night.
The campus was really pretty, very small but lovely courtyard and buildings.
We spent most of the day walking around the town getting our Oxford sweats and sitting in Starbucks using the free wifi and killing time until we went to Evensong.
Evensong was so beautiful. The little boys were so talented.
I love seeing how other people worship. It fascinates me.
A quick two day trip was a perfect little get away from London and all forms of homework and stress from the sprint to the end.
13 days until I'm home!

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