Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Hits London Town!

It wouldn't be halloween without carving pumpkins.
Luckily we were able to find some.
Don't worry it's not like I have carved pumpkins a hundred times in my life, I think I'll cut my hole super small so I can't fit my hand in. 
Us 10 girls that usually do everything together all came together and had our own pumpkin night.
It made it seem more at home. We're one little family. 
Halloween Party!
This was our ummm "yummy" halloween themed dinner.
Our alternative? Candy! 
It only seemed appropriate to dress up as artist sense we lack any sort of talent compared to all the art girls in our program. 
An on going question... What is art?
So we all picked an artist to be and had little name tags on.
I love Lisa!
Tiese and Alvero.
They are the cooks and housekeepers of the centre.
They were thriving off this event.
Our WHOLE program.
We love sugar!
The after dance party in the class room!
It was so much fun.
Hilarious to watch and half the time I was on the floor laughing.
It was a Halloween party to remember!
My real Halloween was spent in Paris.
Not mad about that.

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