Thursday, December 1, 2011

HIgh Tea @ Kensington Palace.

What better way is there to say our last goodbyes 
together than at High Tea at the Orangery?
Couldn't think of one.
Eve and Elsa. 
My two favorite little girls.
I'm going to miss them.
K seriously. How cute is this?
Sun shining in on my face, beautiful view of Kensington Palace 
to my left, surrounded by my best friends having 
the most perfect tea party. 
A little girls heaven.
Bunk Mates...
Definitely a love hate relationship! Love you Alison!
We LOVE John!
[Our best John faces]
The perfect replacement little brother for me and 
Alyssa missing our boys back home.
Love my girls!
My Professors and their families.
Yay for hair clips! Thanks Lyss.
All of together for the very last time. 
I can't believe it!
So many interesting and diverse personalities 
thrown into one house.
I couldn't be happier to have met every single one of them.

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