Sunday, November 20, 2011


The most epic day... how did you spend it?
I spent it in Rome with my best friend Alli.
Alli is in the study abroad Italy program so she came up from Siena to spend Friday with me. After three months of separation it was a very exciting reunion. 
I love Alli. She is the bestest friend anyone could ever ask for.  She is the most dependable friend I've ever had. She is the most loving and caring person ever and will do anything for her friends. I miss our constant phone calls and text, I talk to her about everything and anything. So being able to actually see her face in front of mine and not through a crapy internet skype session was the cherry on top to a great trip. She even brought me a Welcome to Rome gift. Need I say more?
Walking the streets of Rome with her was so fun and strangely felt so normal like I had just seen her. It was great because she told us all her favorite things about Rome and what she did while she was there. She was able to take us to her favorite gelato shop in all of Rome. Giolitti. 
Now Alli knows all my new friends.
So happy about that.
11.11.11 @ 11:11
The ultimate wish at the Trevi Fountain. 
Oh and Me and Alyssa might have kissed a boy at 11:11am. 
11:11pm was spent back at the Trevi Fountain again making the perfect wish with about 100 other people.
The perfect ending to an EPIC day.

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  1. loved this more than you could ever know! :) 12 more days. i love love love you!