Monday, November 14, 2011

Paris Is Prettier In The Rain... Day Two.

Midnight in Paris - 
[great movie if you haven't seen it yet.]
we watched this before we came & it informed us that Paris is prettier in the rain...
Lucky for us we got to experience this fist hand... waiting in line for Notre Dame.
Loved these guys.
It was the most amazing view even in the rain and fog.
Up in the bell tower.
K I seriously don't understand how they have services when there are a million people walking in and out the whole time.
 How do you even focus?
Notre Dame was gorgeous inside and out on of a kind.
It was a rough day for me and Alyssa.
Neither of us were fully prepared for the rain.
Stainte Chapelle
The stained glass windows in here were unbelievable. 
So pretty.
We met up with some of the Paris Study Abroad girls and they showed us this cute little restaurant.
Penini, crepe, and drink 
€ 4.50
GREAT deal.
Of course we couldn't resist but to make a pit
 stop for a picture in front of 
Moulin Rouge
As we made our way up the hill to find it, the sun was setting and it came into view, perched on top of the hill.
Absolutely gorgeous.
The view was unbelievable looking over the whole valley.
Earlier that day when we were with the Paris girls 
they mentioned that some of them were going to a 
Ballet at the Opera National de Paris.
So we rushed over there just be before it started 
and we were able to get tickets for € 9 
limited view but from where I was i could see pretty much the whole stage. Not Mad.
Me and Kendal. 
The ballet was brilliant. The ballerinas were so talented. I was in a trance watching them float across the stage. Still not sure how I feel about men in tights leaping around... but they were an amazing sight. 
Who can say they've been to a Ballet in Paris?
I can.

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