Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mitcham Ward.

No more walking across the street to church or two minute car rides.
Today I took the tube - Central line to Victoria, then caught the train from Victoria out to Mitcham Junction, then we walked a mile trying to find the chapel with these instruction"building looks like large old house" hmmmm? Took us three strangers, a lot of good guesses, and over an hour later but we finally found it.
I was lucky enough to be called to work with the Young Women:
They have so much excitement about the gospel and are ready to answer every question placed before them. I'm so excited to learn so much from these amazing girls and to hopefully teach them a thing or two too.  [Still working on their names though]

This past week we've been blessed with beautiful warm sunny days. Today our luck changed. Luckily I grabbed my rain coat before running out the door. On our walk back to the train station it started to pour! And of course I haven't bought a umbrella yet so this were the results of our lovely adventure.

I couldn't see a thing through my glasses. 
I LOVE the rain!

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