Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kew Gardens.

Every where you go in England there are amazing gardens.
The Kew Gardens are one of my favorite ones so far!
Here's a glimpse of some of its beauty.
We almost walked straight through this massive Spider Web.
Our first sign of fall!
Beautiful Rose Gardens.
Even though it's broken I still am determined to use it.
It still half works.
My favorite part of the whole place was this Tree top walk.
It was the coolest thing ever you could see for miles!
Except for when the wind picked up it started 
to sway back and forth.
Not okay.
Biggest green house I've ever seen.
Banana Trees!
This is Fran I absolutely LOVE her.
Peace! [Asian style]
Once again amazed by every new flower and tree I see. 
I have yet to be let down by this amazing town.
I love it here.

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