Sunday, September 11, 2011

Is this real life?

Every day I wake up at 7:30 a.m. so exhausted
then I remember I live in London
and it's all worth it.

Even though it's only rained once since I've been here... I finally got my umbrella. Thank your Primark!
Tuesday Night our whole Program went to King Richard III.
Kevin Spacey was the lead. So amazing! 
It was in The Old Vic theater which was super tiny and uncomfortable. The seats were probably a 1 1/2 feet wide so you were cuddling with both people on your sides and so straight in the back you felt like you were falling over. But in the end it was worth it. 
Wednesday we went to the Tower of London
some how I managed not to take a picture in front of it. Weird.
The Jewel House was probably my favorite part. All the old crowns and random things the royals love to wear on their heads that can't be comfortable. But they were gorgeous!
My new love, man in armor. So hot.
[please excuse my zoobie outfit, somedays it just happens]

So Wednesday night we had this amazing idea to give me cornrows
After affect? Picture below. Poofy hair to the max. Half loved it. 

Vogue fashion's night out London
Found my store!
We love Free stuff!
We made the cover, no big deal.
In the end my hair ended up fitting in perfectly, who would have thought?
Funnest night ever. Hands down.

Friday night we went to see The Ryan O'Reilly Band.
Last weekend on Portobello Road we discovered them on the side of the street. We automatically loved them so we decided to go to their next gig. 
New BIGGEST fans.
Not the cutest bunch out there...
But they sure know how to make good music.

Saturday Night we went to the End of Summer Festival. 
There were booths and booths of food and treats and everything yummy. Some of my favs from the night:
Strawberries & Cream Yummmm
Probably the best Carrot Cake I've ever had.
We always travel in large quantities. And this is usually how it ends up, crazy and loud!
We don't usually make a lot of friends with the Brits. Ooops.
Me and Alyssa picked the cutest picture we could think of for our Oyster cards. 
By the end of the week we're exhausted and can't wait to be home. [Some times I'll fall asleep on the tube. Probably not smart but it happens.]
Then we have to climb the 155 stairs to our room. 
No joke.
It's never felt so good to fall asleep at night totally exhausted and can't wait to do it again the next day. I LOVE my life.
And it keeps getting better. 
Tomorrow I think I'll go to Scotland. 


  1. So glad I found this blog to track your adventures. Seriously, I LOVE your life! Enjoy every second!!!