Saturday, September 3, 2011

Just touched down in London Town.

I live in London. WHAT?! 
To get here I had to get on a big plane all by myself... but then once I got to my terminal there were six other girls waiting to get on my same plane. Couldn't have been more happy! 
Then I got on the plane and there was another awesome surprise. My new plane buddy had a toddler sitting on his lap, I knew right there this was going to be a fun flight to Atlanta. The excitement doesn't end there though half way through he got up and switched for a baby and came back. Even better. Luckily the baby was adorable and the best behaved little boy I've ever seen so it worked out. 
My luck with good neighbors doesn't end there though. The next flight I got the pleasure of sitting next to the most spastic French woman I've ever met. She was freaking out the entire flight about one thing or the other. I had to refrain myself from laughing out loud. She couldn't figure out the TV, couldn't figure out how to turn her light on and she was swearing every other second because she was getting so frustrated. HILARIOUS.
We all finally all made it through customs in one piece and split our separate ways to find our way back to the London Center. [Thanks to my lovely cousin Emma] I walked around the corner and there was this nice man holding a cute sign that read Julia Santiago.  He took my bags and we walked to the car [which was a volvo S80 couldn't have been more perfect]. The car ride seemed like foreverrrr and then we turned the corner onto Palace Court.
27 Palace Court, London

Here are some of my adventures for the past three days:
My new friend Camellia 

Way too many yummy treats I need to try
V & A museum gift shop
First day of school! 
Me and Laurel
Camilla & Alyssa
Creepy headless man.
Free Coke Zero shots. Not even mad.
Mastering the tube after an exhausting day.
Babe Heaven, Sorry I had to leave.
Big camera girls: Lauren & Ari
We reenacted the sculpture. [Stephanie & Fran]

Regents Park

After three days of walking my butt off and getting over jet lag it all comes down to this:
I'm in LOVE with this city!


  1. I just stalked you, and I like your blog :D

  2. I am so jealous, you are in my favotite palce doing my favorite things! May I suggest a sandwich from Pret? You will die because they are so good! Keep posting I love it!

  3. Emily! Don't worry already love that place! Been there twice so far! Any more suggestions?

  4. I also love London! Enjoy it lovely Julia. I will keep updated on your adventures. Aunty Margo