Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Portobello Road.

Saturday was our first day of complete freedom. So what did we do? Shopping of course! We decided to go to the Portobello Market. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. I fell in love instantly. We all know I love to people watch and this was the best I've ever seen.
Breakfast smoothies [which were not worth it, still learning]

My new cute wallet, promise I'm way more excited about it than the picture portrays. 
Let me just tell you a little story about this poster. As soon as I saw this I had to have it. So I carried it around all day. I didn't care that it was annoying and in the way all the time because I couldn't wait to put it up in my room when we got back to the center. So we were waiting for the tube because we had just barley missed the last one and I started to swing the poster back and forth to keep myself entertained and i turned to talk to Lauren and woosssshhh straight out of my hand the poster flies behind me and the moving train sucks it under. GONE. Lets just say I was not very happy.

There was the most amazing food and stands full of jewelry and cute signs like these. There was so much to look at and take in for one day so pretty much I will be going back. 
[Sweet Tooth has me obsessed with anything cake] 
Our "Kbye" glasses and our cute new signs.
I seriously lucked out with the girls that are here with me. I already Love them all.
Me & Stephanie
Our twiner outfits [Ari]
K we were not really sure what was going on but for some reason there were these three people standing there meditating in the middle of the busy square. So of course I had to take a picture.

Legally Blonde
That night we went to Legally Blonde and we all dressed in pink and black. This was our sorority picture. 
The musical is Hilarious
I will be taking full advantage of all the cheap tickets we get for being students. 
Meet Lauren my new bestie.
We're the UVU girls and we are not ashamed.


  1. Yes! Portobello is the bes! And way to go on the plays!!

  2. i really wish you ate at gelato mio.... best gelato there. seriously!!
    love you!

  3. Sar! We're going back to get that! I can't wait!