Friday, September 30, 2011

Just Another Saturday In London.

Changing of the Guards
Millions of people gather on Saturdays to watch the ceremony of changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. 
In order to get good placement and actually able to see you have to get there super early and hold your ground.
You can show up 30 minutes late...
and get the best seats in town.
Me and Laurel ran to Portobello Market early that morning 
and we were just going to meet the girls there 
so in our efforts to find them we crossed the main 
gate and they blocked it off right behind us.
 Turned around and bam Front Row.
Meet my new best friend. We got pretty well acquainted. 
The crowd behind us would NOT move back so the officer said 
"move or the horse will  make you move!"
Don't worry he started walking the horse 
straight into people, HILARIOUS.  
We were so unbelievably lucky!
It definitely made my experiences that much better 
because I was right in the middle of all the action.
Cuddling with Horsey, talking to the officers, crazy tourist. 
I loved every moment of it.

London Fashion Week
Laurel, Lauren, and Alli
The adventures never end.
After a great morning of once and a life time action.
We headed over to Fashion Weekend!
K lets talk about a million people that looked as if 
they were all popped out of the same exact mold.
Same clothes, same hair, same make up, 
different faces/shapes & sizes.
My eyes were totally opened to new world of designer fashion. 
I guess I was behind in the times in good old Provo.
[oops, don't care. Ross/TJ Maxx is where it's at!]

Time is flying by! I've already been here a month and it still 
seems like I just got here a few days ago. 
At this rate I'll be home in no time.
Every night I go to bed exhausted but it's so worth it. 
Play now sleep in December.

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