Saturday, December 3, 2011

Last weeeekend.

Is it really over?!?
You mean I don't get to walk up and down these streets everyday?
I don't get to ride the 94 to Actin Green for fun just to look at the Christmas lights?
Good news is...
ALLI is here!
So excited to show her my city!
Took care of a main attraction as soon as she got off her train:
Platform 9 3/4!
Well the fake one, the real one is under construction just like everything else in London for the Olympics.
Tiffany's Christmas Tree
Trafalga Square
Of course we had to climb the lions!
I'm going to miss these lights, the busses, the random excitement of climbing a lion, crazy people on the streets, having complete freedom with absolutely no stress anywhere in sight.
I love London.

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