Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Little Details

Colors: Peach & Gold
Theme: Backyard Festival

My goal was to create an atmosphere where people could come and have fun and feel like they could stay all night. 
I wanted to be more of a party than a reception. It turned into the best party I ever could have imagined!
Instead of paying way too much money on a photo booth. Because honestly no one ever keeps their photo strip anyway. I decided I'd create my own Instagram backdrop so our guests could have somewhere to take their instas. Also a custom hashtag so we could see everyones creations.

To decorate the path ways we had fresh flowers in pitcher on shepherds hooks. 
It was lined with pictures of me and Chase with clothes pins.
The fresh cut flowers were done by Heather at Logolink. She was the biggest help.

As you can tell my mom loves her garden so instead of buying fresh cut flowers we went with live flowers that she could replant later in her garden. I love the look of the dirt in the mason jars!

Tables were rented from Diamond Rental as well as the drink trough pictured below.

Lemonade Bar

Fresh Berry Shortcake

I found the cutest stamp on Etsy that was made with our Initials and our wedding date.

Food by The Bashful Butler
I went with a spread of breads and cheeses, fresh fruit, bruschetta, hummus, and meat skewers.

Snow Cones were done by our neighbors who own the Sumo Snow. 
Huge thanks to them! It was probably the biggest his of the night.

Beautiful Cake by Hilary Cavanaugh, Rue de Lis

We were lucky enough to have The Joe Muscolino Band as our music that evening. 
It was the cherry on top of the best night of my life.

Here's a bonus shot of our rings. I though it was so cool how she put it on the straws. Obsessed.

Loved every minute on that night. But I'm so glad I never have to plan a wedding ever again!
Marriage is the best.

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