Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Red Little Gun

You always hear the dreaded registering stories of how awful it is, how long it takes, how fights break out... and pretty much it just plain sucks.

I thought for sure people were crazy and they just had a bad attitude.  I started off so happy and joking around with Chase, who thought he was so funny riding the motorized chair around. It was great! Scanning things like it was my job, pots, pans, cupcake pans, and then... I hit the vacuums I have to get a vacuum?! That's when reality set in. I was creating a home from scratch. SCRATCH!

When I think about my house that I grew up in I think about a home FULL of stuff. So much stuff. How on earth am I suppose to know what plates I want or what style of pans I want or pillow patterns! Thirty minutes into Target I got hit in the face with the fact that I'm growing up and that this goofy little boy riding around in the electronic chair is going to be my partner in creating a home. WEIRD.

Counting my blessings that registering is a once in a life time experience! But I can't wait to have all the cute things we picked out in our own little home. Can't wait!

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