Tuesday, October 30, 2012


This past weekend I ran in the Halloween Half Marathon! All fall I have been training with Alli. We would go running three or four times a week down the canyon, it was so gorgeous! 
All to prepare for this crazy event.
We had to be up at 5am. Yes 5am. To then sit up in a tent for two hours at Sundance. It was verrrrry early. And not to mention FREEZING.

 The Halloween Half is the most popular half marathon in all of Utah. Everyone dresses up, some go all out and some don't dress up at all. But it was very entertaining to see how crazy some people got! I don't know how they were running in full on masks! Me and Alli went for the Sketchy Devil idea. 
[as pictured above]

The first half was so fun and adrenalin was pumping and it felt so good! BUT towards the end... Oh my gosh I wanted to die! All my muscles were cramping and felt so tight. But there was no way I was going to stop! Knowing I had all my loved ones down at the finish line waiting for me was more than enough to keep me going.
[Me and Alli coming in at the end]

[Best fans around! These two crazies]
Chase was a fan of the back side. Which was really everyones favorite part to see as we ran by. :)
So glad I was able to train and run my first half marathon with Alli. All the extra time I got to spend with her made it all worth it. We also got to share the fun day with Cami too. She started with us and then left as wayyyy behind. haha 
Here is this little beauty my mom captured of how energized I was after it was all done, If you couldn't tell.

As of right now I'm so sore, I can barley walk,  I don't think I want to run another one. But give me a week or so and I'm sure I'll be training for my next one!
Cross that off the list.

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